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Hi! My name is Peng. My daughter, Katie, calls me Nanay, which means “mother” in Filipino. We live in Boston.

This is a blog about our life and the things we enjoy.

I like cheap things, free things, taking pictures, doing research (on the internet and in the laboratory) and eating. My favorite color is yellow.

Katie likes dancing, fairies, butterflies, long drives, fashion, salads (green leafy stuff, cucumbers and carrots) and pizza. Her favorite color tends to change a lot but right now she likes pink, blue, green, yellow and white but not purple. Or black.

We both love chocolate especially Cadbury Mini Eggs. And Peeps. And rocky road ice cream. In the morning we listen to the radio but she doesn’t like it when I sing along. We fight over the iPad mini and getting to school/work on time. We have rice with almost every meal.

Katie and I were born 30 years apart but we make a pretty good team. I don’t think we have much of a choice.

I started raising Katie as a single parent when she was a little over a year old. As an immigrant and a new parent, I’ve always wondered how other moms (and dads), particularly the ones who are at it alone, managed to “do it”. “Do it” meaning work, keep house, have fun, raise good kids and generally not go insane. Just recently, I realized I WAS “doing it” and thought it would be cool to write it down. I also thought this would be a good way of keeping track of what Katie says about things. She is very opinionated and her thoughts are insightful (and at times just totally hilarious).

DISCLAIMER: Although we are managing, I am still figuring out a lot of things as we go along so there will be the occasional rant.

I am a scientist so once in a while you might read something geeky.

Mostly, there will be pictures.

If you like what you read feel free to follow us and leave a note.

Thanks for visiting!

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