The male guppy named Flower Princess

Meet the newest member of our family: a blue and yellow male guppy named Flower Princess (FP). I should clarify that our receipt said he was male but I haven’t really done the anatomical investigation to confirm the gender.

FP is the result of months of persistence (Luke 18:2-5). Katie has wanted a fish ever since she met O’s 2 betas: Cinnamon and Superman. She has wished for one for both her birthday and Christmas last year and the desire has only grown since she found out that both her cousins M and K as well as her BFF Wubby had some.

I think pets are good. Fish are the perfect pets for us since
1. They do not have hair (I am allergic);
2. They teach responsibility; and
3. They are inexpensive (and if it comes to it, easily replaced).

I had been dragging my feet re: getting the fish for a while now because I was hoping the desire would wane. But as Katie received a starter 1 gallon fish tank for her birthday (Thank you A and T!), it was time to get our feet wet.

The Brighton Petco people were helpful in setting us up and pointing us to the right purchases. Katie was talked out of getting numerous fish because of our small tank (1 inch fish/gallon rule) and into getting a guppy instead of a goldfish (goldfish poop more) or tetra (better in groups of 5).
20130629-011937.jpgrinsing gravel

20130629-011951.jpgletting the tank run for 4 days

20130629-011920.jpgta-da! A new home for Flower Princess

Setting up the fish tank has been a lesson in patience. It involved 2 trips to Petco, once to buy gravel, plants and tap water treater and another to get fish and food. There was stuff to rinse, stuff to dry, stuff to acclimatize, stuff to assemble and a whole lot of waiting. My daughter and I are not very patient people and there were moments of frustration and threats. But in the end, we have a new friend who is happily swimming. She gets to feed it tomorrow and can’t wait!

304 Western Avenue
Brighton, MA 02135